Friday, October 1, 2010

Exhibition Theme - Veronica

"Fun Da Mentals" - i:e 'designers gone mad' is really catchy in my opinion. The ideas that i have come up are:

* Ripped up curtains over the windows. Or anywhere throughout the room.
* Dirty and worn out furniture. An example would be having a chair with 3 legs.
* Dimmed lights. Maybe having the main lights over the art work.
* Wall pictures broken.
* Shattered glass (clearly not actual glass).

I am thinking of Harry Potter 5 (6?) at the start where Dumbles and Harry got to the professor's house and it's been destroyed...except if we decide to go with this theme we won't put dragon's blood in the ceiling.

Also it'll be really fun to dress up as mental designers.

These are quick ideas so i welcome any ideas :)