Monday, November 8, 2010

brain storming ideas for exhibition (nick)

food- could consists of foods around the world that way there would be somthing to cater to everybody

music- could get somebody to mix music that is easy to listen to like ambient/ chill/ idm would create a relaxed setting

aperance- maybe a visual arts display somthing that isnt to full on and fits with relaxed music

workshops- maybe a live painting display or graffiti or somthing colourful and interesting that would be entertaining


wearable - hanging from ceiling vents or curtains

diorahamas - desks in the centre

shop models - desks in the centre

dolls - haninging from the line in the front of the class

cubby house - computer table at the back

wedding invites - on computer desks

magazine layout - the stands at the side table computer desks

tableur vivant prints - on back glass ledges

tattoo exhibition - on the white board

love lust lies - white board at the front of the class

monochrome portraits - filing cabinet n bench in front left corner of the class room

travel posters - middle computer desks

illustrations - on the polls up front

map problem - polls up the back

monogram symbols - lil computer desk wif old computers on it at the back

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