Monday, November 1, 2010

V - Ideas

* Poster work hung in between the metal poles in the center of the room. Using coloured rope/material.

* Colour coordinate each piece.

* Along one wall our identity photos displayed - colour identity. Therefore everyone can match our work.

* Remove extra computer hardware.

* 12 computer spaces - displaying diorama and having our prints hanging up above the computer on rope.

* The 4 left over computers turned on to our Fun Da Mental website.

* Light playful music. Mixes of the 80's! 70's! 90's! the 20'!!!! (just for you Betty)

* Entry - something colourful over the door.

* Coloured dots or arrows on floor.

* Party set up with streamers and balloons.

* Coloured dots/feet upon entry into G Block. Placed all along hallway. Fun Da Mental hung up outside of room. Huge words! And colourful.

1 comment:

  1. like idea of dots stickers.
    print up the invite to a3- a2 and put up above /side door with the website url in large sign