Monday, November 1, 2010

cilla - exhibition ideas

*suspend final tableau vivant art work an/or wearable art from the poles, see example below
*art work grouped in projects for eg... invitations, typography etc...
*sets grouped together tableau vivant diarama+outfit+finished work
*have wearable art on mannequins either in groups on the tables around the room
*each student have a colour allocated to them to label work and use the photo that will be used on the website with the colour filter to help guests identify each students work with the colour allocation
*have black table cloths on the desks and tables
*cover the lights with celefane paper of different colours to go with the theme, have the room stark white so use either butchers paper or grid paper on the walls or tables
*come dressed in your colour
*magazine rack to show off our portfolio magazines

1 comment:

  1. like heaps of your ideas but have responded in the later blogs. hanging lengths of tracing or drafting paper also would work where using a translucent material may be preferable to group but not to obscure visual lines.
    not sure how you would fix wires to poles without drilling to display.i like the idea of suspending displays between