Monday, November 1, 2010

Workshop_ screen printing, designer paper dolls,

Exhibition guides_hospital signage,

Party foods_ finger foods, jelly cups, fairy cupcakes, I can make yummy snacks, I can make good yummy snacks!!!!

can we rent mannequins for wearables? maybe not...

maybe we shouldn't be required to wear a certain costume, cuz some ppl may be more comfortable in the outfit of their choice... maybe just a lab coat or something...
I like kelly's idea of name tags... Hi, my name is Sara!! :D

1 comment:

  1. workshop too messy if you are dressed up for night out.
    designer paper dolls could display surf skate snow.
    guides- great idea name tags great idea.maybe there could be 12 areas of exhibition each student responsible for an area
    eg suggested areas
    1. typo
    2. tableau vivant
    3. biodiversity
    4. lust and lies
    5. surf sksate snow
    6. shops
    7. cubby house
    8. stamps
    9. travel
    12.objects of desire

    i think its good to have some funky well presented food.