Monday, November 1, 2010

Kelly's Brainstorming Ideas

  • Group similar items together
  • Hang wearable items from the curtains
  • Identify people by colour/name (wear name badges?)
  • Ask students to dress in their specific colour
  • Have 12 computer areas covered with specific student colour showcasing their work (draped with paper/cloth)
  • Walls coated with graph paper, work displayed on top
  • Use the 12 colours as decoration (balloons, streamers from ceiling)
  • From the G Block doors down to the exhibition room have coloured squares or feet stuck to the carpet to point guests towards our show
  • Have a “twister” game available to play (to go with the coloured theme)
  • Provide food in your specific colour


  1. i think a plan like you have as a group ewill help you work out a lot before you hang and make the installation time streamlined

  2. The 12part colour wheel (R, RO, O, OY, Y, YG, G, GB, B. BV, V, RV) could used as a theme could satisfy all colour assignment and works with invitation theme. Could even theme food into colours and lay out on table like a huge colour wheel. you would need cooperation of other classes, but all possible

  3. kelly- if it hasnt happened already it would be a good idea to put the url for the fun da mental website on the printed inviation
    will be something like check with craig

  4. is the food coloured or the decoration around it???