Monday, November 1, 2010

Exhibition Ideas - Ryan

- Illustrations could be placed on the ground or the roof.
- All the cloths from Wearable design could be put on the window rack.
- The environmental doll could be hung from the roof.
- Crazy hand prints and scratches on the walls?
- Tattoo exhibition invites on white board.
- For food we could have regular party food, or wacky foods that people don't know about.
- To help people look at all the projects there should be arrows leading people around the room.
- In a corner there could be a book guests could give feedback on the exhibition.
- Themed music can be played in the room.
- Kelly's coloured squares idea can identify each member's work around the room.
- The word typography project can go on the blank windows above the computers.
- A warning sign off a mental asylum on the front door would be great.

1 comment:

  1. exhibiting illustrations will get damaged but copies of symbols of work on ground would be cool.
    music is definitly a great idea. compile a playlist that lasts 2 hrs of music suitable for the event. not too loud to enable people to mingle and talk about the work being exhibited. someone needs to be responsible for compilation but all need to contribute.