Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ideas For Le Exhibition

Ive noticed in todays society in just my mere 21years, :)
Perhaps solutions for these would be allocated oversized signs and with simple info?
E.g - Medium sized banners from the ceilings above the particular works in different colours and large text informing people of the works title (e.g Diorama), allocated to the areas of work.
Perhaps brochures pointing out the coloured areas, in a room plan out very simmilar to Kelly's, for the attending peoples.
Simplicty combining with white and burts of colour here and there would be nice on the eye, and make our projects shout out! :)
Perhaps even nice pictures taken of ourselves attached to our works so people recognise who we are and knows whos is whos - I believe its nice to put a face to the project :). No need to worry my fellow friends, just an A8 Size piccy should probley be enough.
Did anyone make buisness cards in the start of the year? I think it would be cool to consider placing them next to our projects - cause you never know....
The one thing i absolutly love about peoples works - is what was in their mind when they did the work - even if its a sentance - so perhaps next to a title of our works on cards (above,below,on,left,right,centre) just a small sentance of meduims, and then a comment on the work eg. our inspirations etc...??? Short and sweet ^_^
What about our roughs and design process in accessible folders or collaborative on the benches or somewhere???
What about mood lighting?? Spotlights on the dioramas???
Something interactive for the kids?? Like a drawing area with crayons and paper on a desk for them? i have about 100 crayons I got leftover from work that never got used in a sale I can conntribute :).
Wellllll thats it so far ill see you guys on early monday - I am truley sorry for my absence but hopefully me contributing to this blog will help you guys in any way :)

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  1. i dont think you need a brochure but signage.
    i like the idea of suspension but need to see if you can easily lift out ceiling panels and then what and how you can attach anchor points.

    business cards are also a good idea but you may want to revisit them if you did them at beginning of year.

    not sure about kids drawing area unless it is in separate space otherwise they may get interactive with the exhibition