Monday, November 1, 2010

sarah follent- exhibition ideas

- theme the room~ link theme to the invitation
- different colours to identify different assignments or individuals
- these colours could be materials such as paper or materials
- bio-diversity costumes MUST be on mannequins if possible as some cannot hang other wise
- cill-doggg also has a fabulous idea on how to hang the costumes for mythology
- dioramas on tables set
- illustrations mounted on black cardboard then places on walls

if we got with the theme on kelly's invite of us all being represented by a colour then it may be an idea to wear that colour as well.

however if we are to go with the theme of mental health institution we sld all wear white lad coats!! with horror like make up!!

- Circus theme is very appealing, could dress the room like a circus tent, balloons etc
- tap the room, mark where to move to create flow with guests
- entertainment by Peter Jeffery's
- feedback box and people choice awards


  1. i agree with you about costumes need to be on a mannequin. maybe the retail section at kingscliff may have some. without heads may be even better. maybe aidan could call fashion at wollongbar tafe to see if we can borrow some.

  2. black card certainly showcases and gives a consistency to a exhibition.